APRIL 23, 2020

Our Cornavirus Surveys

Seven Weeks in the Life of A Pandemic. 60,000 People Share Their Reality


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Mike Porath, Founder/CEO

The Mighty Surveys

The impact on healthcare shows no sign of stopping.

Mighty Members, 60,000 in all, increasingly reported worsening healthcare conditions stemming from a lack of access to appointments and medications or treatments.

I have been rationing medications and dealing with more pain and symptoms as a result. My doctor has not been available (even by phone) to help in any way.

Mighty Member

The Emotional Ups and Downs

We asked respondents to list their top three emotions. At first, 50% cited fear. It's since dropped to 36%. Now, 30% cite distrust, up from 20% only weeks ago.

My COVID test came back negative, but when they called to tell me 17 days later my symptoms had significantly worsened. The nurse on the phone said I should disregard the test results and assume I'm positive. It's very confusing and discomforting.

Mighty Member

Isolation is the biggest impact on daily life

Online therapy has been harder than face-to-face. Usually I have a 45-minute drive to process things. Now, I'm stuck at home with all my thoughts and the session keeps freezing so it's hard to have a conversation without having to constantly repeat myself.

Mighty Member

Rare disease patients are most likely to experience an impact to their access to healthcare

Those with underlying conditions experience a larger impact than the overall population and often feel marginalized or that their condition is not a priority in the face of COVID-19.





Social Distancing

the Good and the bad

We've learned to stay social even while practicing social distancing. Still, 73% of respondents say their relationships have been impacted: 42% say they have become more strained, up 11% from the end of March.

The plight of essential workers:

76% say they have experienced a change in their mental health.

"I haven’t hugged my medically complex children in 5 weeks. I haven’t eaten a meal with them either. I go to work, strip in my garage and run to shower putting my scrubs in a bag that goes straight into [the] wash. But if I’m in the house, I maintain 6ft and wear a mask. I couldn’t save myself from getting sick, but I did protect them... I still fear being a carrier back to them from work."


The World of Caregivers

Caregiver relationships are particularly impacted as adults face new and more intense responsibilities to protect children and older loved ones.

People with underlying conditions face big hurdles.

"I feel like I've had to put my life on hold. I have to work, and I worry about what I may be bringing home to my daughter. She's isolated and alone, which is bad for her depression and anxiety, and I know she needs interaction but when I get home I'm just so exhausted. I feel like there's nowhere near enough of me to go around and my health is suffering for it.

mighty member

The reliance on teleheath is rising week over week

Mighty Members are eager for providers to increase accessibility to all types of Telehealth, including pharmacy deliveries, remote mental health appointments and relaxed insurance policies.

Top Uses of Telehealth

Telehealth may feel awkward and strange at first, but we are so lucky to be able to get mental health services while continuing to keep our families, communities, and ourselves safe.

Mighty Member

Mighty surveys

The Mighty will continue to survey our active 3 million members on COVID-19 and other vital healthcare matters.



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